About Me

Story of a (visual) story teller


It all started when…

I tore my achilles ligament in 2016. Being stuck at home for six weeks I started watching travel videos, reading travel blogs and dreamed of exploring the world and creating my own stories through a camera lens. Four months later I was back on my feet and was heading up to Sweden and then Norway. A month later I travelled to Iceland, the following month to Scotland… It was the start of an amazing new chapter in my life.

Fast forward to 2019, I moved from a small land locked country in Europe to an Island off the west coast of Canada… Vancouver Island, my new home.

To be continued…

Definition of a visual story teller:

Have you ever had an image in your mind, an idea of how something will look like, or a picture perfect moment? Have you ever thought of encapsulating those images or immortalising those moments? This is where a visual story teller comes in. By capturing and creating timeless memories, something that will ignite emotions and spark those feelings, a visual story teller will weave together moments to create a captivating story. From once in a lifetime moments like weddings to creating an image for your brand I can help you capture those moments and ideas.